Policy and Guidelines for Use of Public Meeting Rooms

The Tarpon Springs Library has two rooms available for meetings:

  • The Conference Room seats up to 10 comfortably around the table with an additional 9 chairs available in and around the room. The posted maximum capacity is 19 as configured with a conference table, side table, television, DVD, and telephone. No food or beverages are allowed in the Conference Room.
  • The Friends of the Library Room is available for government, Friends, and Library use only. There are 100 chairs and twelve, 8-foot tables available for use in this room.

The library is located at 138 E. Lemon St. An application form may be obtained at this location or by phone or mail request. Our phone number is (727) 943-4922. These rooms are made available for the express purpose of providing space for Library and community programs and meetings. Such use is a revocable license and may be terminated at the absolute discretion of the Library. When not in use for Library sponsored programming, which will take precedence over other use, the Conference Room may be available to local non-profit tax exempt groups on a first-come, first-serve basis as Library resources, staff time and convenience allow. This policy gives no specific right of use, except at the Library’s discretion. These meeting rooms are not intended for social gatherings. Scheduled use may be cancelled or pre-empted for Library use or for other good cause as determined by the Library Director.

The meeting rooms are for noncommercial use only. No outside group may charge admission directly or indirectly to any meeting held in these facilities nor may it solicit or collect a voluntary contribution, nor may it present for sale any item. No sales of goods and services are allowed.

Groups wishing to use our facilities must follow our policy and guidelines and must end their meetings and vacate the room at the agreed upon time.

(1) The meeting rooms may be available for use at no charge during the following times:

  • 10 AM to 8:45 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • 10 AM to 5:45 PM Thursday and Friday
  • 10 AM to 4:45 PM Saturday
  • Meeting Rooms are not available on Sundays or any holidays when the Library is closed.

(2) The individual who applies for Conference Room use (21 years old or above) must have a Pinellas Public Library Cooperative Library card, will be personally responsible, will guarantee orderly behavior and will underwrite any damage due to their use at the facility. Liability will be assumed by the applicant in regard to any personal or property damage arising out of the activities of the group. Execution of the application form constitutes an agreement for such liability. Children must be supervised at all times. The City reserves the right to terminate a reservation at any time without prior notice for any reason deemed appropriate by the Library, and the user waives any claim for loss of use.

(3) In providing these facilities, the City of Tarpon Springs assumes no responsibility:

  • for loss of, or damage to, any property placed on the premises by the user; or
  • for loss or damage to any property or personal effects, including motor vehicles and their contents, of the user, its members, employees, agents, participants, guests or attendees;
  • for any physical injuries sustained by any individual, or group of individuals while on the premises; or
  • malfunction of any electrical or mechanical equipment provided for the user.

(4) The Tarpon Springs Public Library is a smoke-free and alcohol-free facility. No refreshments may be served in the conference room.
The group will be liable for custodial maintenance or repair if the facilities are damaged and/or soiled. Application for use of the facility will obligate the responsible individual and the group for repairs, costs or damages suffered by the facility during use by the group. An appropriate damage deposit and/or proof of insurance coverage may be required.

(5) Groups holding reservations must notify the Library at least two days in advance if any cancellation or change of plans is necessary. Groups not complying with this policy are liable to lose the privilege of using these facilities.

(6) A confirmation letter for all reserved dates, times, and room designations will be sent to you, as well as any dates and times that are not available because of previous room reservations.

There are two types of meetings which determine the manner in which applications are presented and handled, i.e. (1) regularly scheduled meetings for a 12 month period or less, and (2) individual or irregular meetings.

Groups or Organizations wishing to use the Conference Room for their regular meetings may apply to do so up to one year at a time and for up to one meeting per month. However, a reservation of monthly or less frequent meetings may be cancelled by the Library at any time. Regardless of the date when the initial application is made and approved, groups must reapply for the following year.

Tarpon Springs Public Library, the Library Advisory Board, and all Government agencies may be exempted from any or all of these conditions, upon approval of the Library Director.